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British Broadcasting Corporation Home. Post : Football. Make no mistake, Pompey fans, that means administration, and, as things stand, it is a best-case scenario.

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British Broadcasting Corporation Home. Post : Football.

Make no mistake, Pompey fans, that means administration, and, as things stand, it is a best-case scenario. Tuesday's announcement merely confirmed what most oreillts watchers odeillys Portsmouth's desperate decline have known for some time: the club is down, broke and on the verge of oblivion. But what does "going into administration" mean?

Is this the end of Pompey's pain? And how has this happened to a recently successful team in the world's richest football league? Chainrai left has served notice that the club will go into administration unless new owners can be found by Friday. The answers to these questions are, like everything else at Fratton Park of late, complicated, but, having asked three experts - Danny Davis of Mischon de American brides for green card, SA Law's Guy Thomas and Zolfo Cooper partner Simon Wilson - to alrershot it to me, I will attempt to shine some dim light on a dark affair.

A: It is not, as many clubs seem to believe, a get-out-of-jail-free card for those who live the dream only ladershot wake up drenched in sweat and deep in debt.

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It is, instead, a last resort for companies who find themselves in serious financial straits but might, just, have enough about them to avoid liquidation, which in this case would mean the end of Portsmouth FC as we know it: a fate not witnessed in professional football since Aldershot went to the wall in A: In chat de argentina simplest terms, the company, oreilljs this case Portsmouth City Football Club Limited, asks the high court to be placed in administration.

An administrator, an insolvency practitioner, is then appointed to run the club. This administrator is, for all intents and purposes, an absolute monarch. Fridqy or she will have complete control of Portsmouth's finances and their main objective, nay, duty will be to safeguard the interests of Pompey's creditors those owed money. Once in administration, the club will be hit with the Premier League's nine-point penalty it is one point less than the Football League sanction because there are fewer clubs in the top flight and the search for fresh investment will intensify.

A: This is still unclear, but we know it will not be Nick O'Reillythe man who prepared the club's recent "statement of affairs". This may seem like another professional's attempt to hot free sex chat money from the club, but it should be remembered an administrator takes on a degree of responsibility for the company's ability to meet it debts, and businesses in aldershpt have already proved they are not that great at paying those.

To not use the expert who did your statement of affairs as your administrator is unusual and should ring alarm chimes. But then this is the club that pleaded poverty to the other 19 Premier League clubs in January shortly before ing Quincy Owusu-Abeyie and Dusko Tosic. A: Because Pompey, and all its owners and ex-owners, have run out of more attractive options. The "next idiot" production line is on gay girl chat blink.

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It takes weeks to buy something as complicated as a football club and that is just the solvent ones as any prospective new owner would want to know exactly what he or she is buying. In Pompey's case, it is an indebted Championship team in a shabby stadium with almost no corporate seating, a battered credit rating and a murky recent ownership structure.

Do not be fooled by talk of talks. He has done this because he needs to give two full working days' notice to the other secured creditors the banks, Barclays free chat line phone numbers in corby Coutts as their debts are senior to his in terms of chronology. Given a choice of purgatory or hell, Chainrai has opted for purgatory. Whereas most other "crisis clubs" have had an element of control about their move into administration, Pompey have been coerced by HMRC's winding-up petition, which was set to be heard again on Monday but should now be dismissed either on Friday or Monday itself.

The truth of it is the taxman has been pushed around by football clubs for years and is now pushing back. Never happy about clubs' habit of using it as an interest-free overdraft, HMRC lost its "preferred creditor" status with the introduction of the Enterprise Act. Fratton Park - the home of Portsmouth.

This law, among other things, enshrined administration as a safety net for temporarily stricken businesses. But it also meant HMRC had to the scrum behind "football creditors" when a club went bust. This principle is not company law but is a football rule and it means millionaire players and other clubs get paid first, the taxman s the queue.

Throw this country's worst recession since the s into the mix and you have a government agency suddenly very aggressive about being paid its dues. A: How long have you got? The short answer is a shocking disregard for basic housekeeping: do not spend more money than you actually have. Portsmouth have been ignoring this one for at least four years.

The slightly longer answer is appalling mismanagement, combined with an arrogant belief that the usual rules do not apply, naked greed and a failure on the part of the authorities to regulate the industry properly. Some will want to add corruption to this cocktail and I may, one day, be able to say something about thisbut if we are going to go down that road we should also remember our own guilt as co-conspirators: we have all demanded more "ambition" from our clubs but have rarely cared free phone chat line numbers oshawa the cost.

Going into administration means the club is unlikely to face a winding-up petition on Monday. And as any normal business would have been squelched last time, going back for a second appearance would have been very unwise. So this is good news.

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Pompey, given the Premier League's fervent desire to avoid any further embarrassment or the need to remove the club's from this season's competitionshould be able to complete the season. Player sales outside the transfer window will be permitted and TV money advanced. In the parlance, the company should be "cash positive" for the next few months. Without outside investment - in the form of a new owner - the administrator will find it hard to look the Football League in the eye and say: "Yes, we can fulfil next season's fixtures.

The administrator will also be expected to extricate himself via a,dershot "company voluntary arrangement" CVA. As the name suggests, this is a deal between the creditors to accept a new schedule of payments and less money. This places a fresno chat rooms burden on the business, but a oreillyys to agree one will see further point-penalties from the Football League.

Oh, and HMRC almost always votes against them in football cases. So I'm sorry to be the bearer of sad tidings I'm a Southend United fan, so I would be a fool to gloatbut I thought somebody should tell you straight. Until they do if they doit's educated guesswork. in or register to comment. Excellent summing up, best I've seen.

This needs putting down in plain english so Pompey fans and fans of other clubs are fully aware that Administration is not a "get out of jail free card". As Pompey have struggled to pay their wages when they have had access to Sky money and gate receipts, I just can't see how they will carry on paying for the remainder of the season, unless someone gives them the cash. Matt, Is it correct that a business in administration can not open up any further lines of credit and cat to settle any upcoming bills for goods or services instantly?

Also, if the players don't get paid again, are they within their rights to claim a breach of contract from PFC and exercise their right to break contract and another club before the end of the season as "free contracts"? Complain about this comment Comment working in garland chat. Sympathy only with the fans.

Alershot or the Fa have to step in now and start putting in support or guidelines before many more follow. Complain about this comment Comment 2. This comment was frlday because the moderators found it broke the house rules.

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Complain about this comment Comment 3. As a business, Portsmouth should have been shut down some time ago. The stay of execution from the High Court was generous to say the least, considering the ownership situation being passed from one creditor to another, and the massive debts.

However, football clubs have one stakeholder to consider, and thats the biggest of all, the fans. Administration won't be a get out of jail free for Pompey as they'll have to sell all of their players, and then try and find some players to play for them in the Championship on next to nothing wages, while parachute payments pay off a small chunk of their debt. They will either be wound aldersuot what should happen in a commercial sensegardena discrete chat they will fall out of the league eventually over the next few years.

Free couple chat aldershot oreillys last friday

Their plans for a brand new stadium look laughable and disgraceful now in equal measure considering the circumstances. What a way to end a football club a,dershot we know it. Complain about this comment Comment 4. Translation: They're boned. An informative read that clears up a lot of speculation from those like myself who aren't in the know about the murky affairs that some call ing. Complain about this comment Comment 5.

Great blog Matt, it is very rare for an article involving insolvency procedures to be factually correct. Complain about this comment Comment 6.

Free couple chat aldershot oreillys last friday

Is It possible that Pompy could be relegated to League Two the same as Livingston were relegated to the Scottish Third Division at the begining of coiple season? Complain about this comment Comment 7.

Free couple chat aldershot oreillys last friday

I would hate to see another club die. Pompy fans keep your chins up, as a Boston United fan I know how you are feeling. Complain about this comment Comment 8. We have been through the administration route before and were lucky to be saved by Milan Mandaric.

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Though this time I fear that this is just delaying the inevitable of being wound up, I hope for years of history and 32 years of supporting Pompey this is not the case. Great Article Matt, one of the few bloggers frse the BBC that does not slant their opinion over the article. Would love to hear your views on the k9 chat side one day as with what has come into the club and supposedly gone out it just does not add up!!

Complain about this comment Comment 9. Without a doubt there are more questions than answers. However I believe Portsmouth will survive to the end of this season intact.

Free couple chat aldershot oreillys last friday

The Premier League will be able to wash their hands of an insolvent football club. The Football League will inherit a "football club" who are heading south almost out of control and will impose a hefty punishment on whatever football club emerges into the new season. Next season will indoubtedly be a bigger challenge than this season, and I believe Portsmouth will endure a return to the 3rd coouple for the first time since A small aldersho clubs have "crashed" through the leagues in the last few decades, and I predict Portsmouth will be next - who knows how far they will sink?

What does this leave for the rest of the clubs under precarious often foreign ownership? This is a very important question, as the future's lwst Man U and Liverpool are stranger chat rooms in doubt. Complain about this comment Comment One of the clearest, most accurate pieces of journalism on an involved subject I've seen. Is Matt a Chartered Secretary?

Free couple chat aldershot oreillys last friday