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I live with my three year old son. I am currently studing towards a BSc Hons in diagnostic radiography. Would like to meet someone who I can have great times with and get to know.

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I am currently studing towards a BSc Hons in diagnostic radiography. Would like to meet someone who I can have great times with and get to know.

Napoleon sex chats

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In the eyes of Preston High's popular elite — crew-cut guys with lockjaw grins and big-eyed girls with beauty-ant smiles — Napoleon and Pedro and Deb are of course total losers. The three of them, however, don't acknowledge this scorn; in fact, they seem oblivious to the existence of the school's ruling clique. They live in their own, very particular world.

Napoleon sex chats

Napoleon doesn't have a girlfriend, but he doesn't therefore think of himself as a gormless dork. No, he says, "Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills.

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You know, like nunchuk skills Napoleon and his even nerdier older brother, Kip, live with their rambunctious grandmother. When she gets sidelined by a dune-buggy accident, the boys' Uncle Rico comes to keep an eye on them even though Kip — who spends most of his days in Internet chat rooms looking for love — is cahts years old.

To make some money, Rico — who is mentally stuck in the yearwhen he was a high-school football hotshot — and Kip start up a minibusiness selling plastic napolen door-to-door. Buy a complete set and you get — for some reason — a free model sailing ship thrown in.

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Shamed by his own lack of income, Napoleon takes a job on a chicken farm, where the daily lunch break consists of egg sandwiches, napoleoh eggs and a refreshing drink made entirely of lightly stirred egg yolks. Meanwhile, a school dance is coming up — always a crisis time for the uncool. And an election for student-body president, too, in which Pedro decides to challenge the most popular girl in school, the flagrantly blonde Summer Napoleob. Campaign slogan: "With me, it will be summer all year round.

There's the time-travel machine Uncle Rico buys online for transport back to it doesn't work real well ; the Happy Hands Club's -language songfest; a black pet llama out of nowhere; and a muscle-headed martial-arts instructor teen roleplay chat Rex, who teaches something called Rex Kwon Do and whose curiously hulking wife, Starla, looks like she could take him easy, best out of three falls.

Napoleon sex chats

Oh, and Napoleon also gets to strut his remarkable milk-judging skills, which is kind of interesting.