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Those days have been beautifully captured on the recent DGM archival release, Epitaph. Hackett is releasing these performances, which included early King Crimson material, on both CD and video aol chat line the end of April. This is Ians second appearance here at TalkCity. Ian, we appreciate you taking the time out to come back and speak with us today.

Welcome to Music and TalkCity!

Welcome Ian. It's my pleasure to be here and I look forward to talking to the folks out there and am interested to find out what they want to know.

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How many performances were there? This was in Cchat of ' I would like falk have done more than four. We were just starting to get good when it was time to go home. I would really like to do something like that again as I hadn't played publicly vhat Steve or John before. It was my third trip there and I always enjoy Japan. But gay chat rooms yahoo answers was good to get home anyway.

It was a couple of days before Christmas. And three weeks of jetlag on top as we'd rehearsed in London LOL. Essentially bootleg recordings done in concert without our knowledge for the most part and thanks to modern technology we were able to clean up the tapes and improve them sonically. Because they were almost unlistenable in their original state - some of them. There are four discs altogether.

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Discs 3 and 4 in particular show the original coty at its best. There are some amazing group impovisations. So I'm very happy that this Epitaph Box is available now. Our guest today is Ian McDonald. He is here to talk about the new King Crimson Live release "Epitaph". As well as his work with Steve Hackett and Foreigner.

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Your question will be put in the queue and chxt in the order it was received. I've got a recording of your Oct Croydon show with Crimson where you play a song called Trees with pieces of Birdman and Wishbone Ascenion I just recently heard that tape myself for the first time There were ta,k plans to record Birdman as I had yet to write it. And I probably found that that little excerpt in Trees was very useful. So I borrowed it from zozo chat room. That's one of Mike Giles' compositions.

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I don't know exactly he wrote that. But I have a feeling that that's a post Crimson composition. Tell us about that. When will it be out? As yet there is no ed deal, so I'm a little reluctant to talk too much about it.

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But it will be a solo album with various guests on vocals, etc. And I'm yalk much looking forward to putting this album out. Can you tell us what? Of course, wouldn't it be nice if the original band got together for a concert?

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Don't mean to be putting rumors out. But there has been talk of doing "something" but there's no specific plans that I know of. There's definitely talk, but it's just talk. At least everyone is talking and friendly, so there's always a possibility of "something" happening. I suspect we would hear about something in Elephant Talk.

Do you follow ET? One idea I had was to clty Fripp on stage throughout the evening starting the show with the present KC and then going all the way back. That would be something! But it's just an idea, I don't wish to spread rumors. Thats a lot of music. I suppose so.

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One band each night! I think I would prefer to do the same show 5 nights running! But everybody worked very hard to put together a good show. Well, I'm always biased towards the first album, I unashamedly have to say. And I think the best song on takk album is Epitaph. It's my favorite track and to me it's Greg Lakes best vocal anywhere. It was already in our live show.

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Also I had written Cat Food whilst on the road during the first tour. I've never heard it. It was part of a medley of songs like LuckyMan. Very good. Very powerful. A bit of trivia there. When we began rehearsals, but it was dropped only to resurface later with ELP. You can draw your own conclusions on that.

Thats a shame, did you enjoy your stay with Foreigner? Yes, I had a great time Or does that asian date chat like sour grapes! Do you stay in touch with these guys?

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Yes, I'm quite pleased with the way that album turned out. I have no idea why they split up.

I cgat really spoken to them since making the album. I moved to the U. I always wanted to work with them, but never had the opportunity. I think it's pretty obvious why one would want to work with John Lennon. He was one of the greatest songwriters of all time and just a great rock'n'roller! I need to buy it on CD. The only difference between message and messages that it's available right now is in Japan.

And there are ttalk importers from whom you could obtain it from. I'm actually at the moment trying to regain the master tapes. I have always wanted to do a re-mix and re-mastering job on that album.

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With any luck that could come out early next year. My function on that record was merely as a session player. I believe I only played one solo on one song. So I don't really consider myself a member of that particular group.

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I think it was Robert's intention to disband that group all along. And I think he only asked me if I would tour with them to see what I would say before he disbanded the group. I said yes, I would tour. A little revenge on Robert's part maybe. Lou was kind enough to give me a vocal on a lyric that we wrote together. And it's chhat great song.

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I would love everyone to hear it. I would probably ask Al Greenwood to talkk some keyboard work also. But I have no other plans at present to play. What do you find yourself listening to these days? I find that I'm listening less and less to rock music. But there are a of interesting bands coming out of England right now such as Takk, Verve, and I still don't know why Radiohead's album was voted best album of all time in Q magazine.