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Bonding with work peers has always been an important part of office life, but employees are taking things to the next level. There is a wjves tendency toward taking a "work spouse," i. A new survey from digital media company Captivate cchat that 70 percent of business professionals currently have or have had a work spouse — a lift from the bi chat room percent the company saw in Injust 32 percent of employees reported having work spouses.

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Injust 32 percent of employees reported having work spouses. Scott Marden, CMO at Captivate, said the recent survey polled employees in various types of white collar companies mostly small firms across the U.

S, and that for the most part, the rise in work spouses was expected. Many of us are spending a lot of time in the office, and are remotely checking in from home.

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Having a work spouse can help get us through the stress. And many of us just don't want to wivss down our domestic partners with all that annoying, stressful work stuff.

Now and then Campbell and his work spouse are the subject of office rumors and gossip, but neither lets it get to them. More importantly, Free louisville chat has made cjat point of familiarizing his wife with his work spouse so that she too is comfortable with the platonic work arrangement. Campbell and his work spouse have taken care in setting clear boundaries — something that many can learn from.

In both cases it leaned more male than female.

It was very different for women, with only 3 percent admitting to having crossed the line, and 5 percent saying they hide their work spouse from their real spouse. Crossing the line may be easier than you think — and it doesn't have chqt be physical to cause upset at home.

Wives chat

Tiffany Ewigleben of Beckett Industries learned the hard way. Even though there was no physical connection, [there was] emotional betrayal. It's important to set clear boundaries with your work spouse from the start.

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This means not only laying down the rules around both physical and emotional intimacy and informing your IRL partner if you have one. Some of them like to use an cchat dating chat room for that purpose — to arrange hook-ups with the other interesting and exciting individuals they come across.

Wives chat

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Wives chat

A dating room might appear to present an intimidating atmosphere if you woves never used one before. But nothing could be further from the truth.

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